Jeff The Killerxreader Lemon Fanfic

Jane the killer x reader you walked to the pure white door with the black door knob and opened it. you walked in and heared a soft sob. you looked aroun. Jeff the killer x reader part 4sorry if this is a little short ill try to make the next one longer!. Jeff the killer x reader: why?-prolugeyou loved creepypasta, to be more specific; you loved jeff the killer. okay, maybe love wasn't the right term, he just intrigued.

Jeff killer reader ! ikarikyougi deviantart, Jeff killer reader! walked blood splatter door moved hand door knod. hesitated pulled hand . . .:' :. jeff killer reader pt 8 , .:' :. jeff killer reader pt 6 "hey, babe? ' move" jeff whispered ear. eyes shot open sound voice.. .:' :. jeff killer reader pt 1 , .:' :. jeff killer reader pt 2 jeff led long hall open room. grabbed masky' arm fear blond boy.

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